• Set the global.dns to your (sub) domain name.

  • You should start going through the Site Settings in global.settings section: give you site a nice name, etc.

  • Here, you’ll also have to tell the services how to connect to the database in global.database. If you need TLS, see Database TLS for more details.

  • Don’t forget to set global.imagePullSecrets if the secret is not regcred (see Docker registry).

  • Set global.setup_registration_token to restrict account creation – you probably want that.

  • Via global.setup_admin: {...} you define your initial admin account credentials.

  • Tweak the default resource requests and limits of projects by adjusting the global.settings.default_quotas parameters. See Architecture/Project for some context. Beyond that, Resource Management explains how to manage resource allocation for projects.

  • Peek into cocalc-eu.yaml to see how things are setup for that cluster.


Do not enable the SSH Gateway for the first installation deployment. It won’t work. Instead, make sure your cluster works well, and then enable it in a subsequent update.