• hub.deleteProjectsIntervalH: there is a dedicated service to “unlink” a project, that has been marked as being deleted. The data itself is retained, though. You have to periodically check up in the database, which projects are deleted and remove the associated files.

  • hub.debug, manage.debug, manage.project.debug, …: tweak the $DEBUG variable used with Debug JS, in order to control how much information is logged to the Pods.

  • ssh-gateway.recent_projects: to make a project start automatically when connecting via the SSH Gateway, there must be a prepared entry for the project – a limitation of how this is implemented. This setting controls how many projects are considered as “recent” and hence are prepared for that. Increase this to e.g. 1 year, if you do not have many projects – i.e. more than 1000 per year. Otherwise, you have to start the project first, wait up to loop_delay_secs, and then try to connect via SSH.