In general, make sure to pull the upstream Git repository regularly and check for updates. They contain new features and bugfixes. The Versions file will outline the most important changes.

Alternatively, after you made any changes to your my-values.yaml files, you have to update your installation.

Simply run

helm upgrade cocalc ~/path/to/cocalc-onprem-helm/cocalc -f my-values.yaml

and wait a minute or two to complete the process.

  • During the upgrade, you can check up on the Kubernetes Pods via e.g. kubectl -n cocalc get pods -o wide.

  • You can also enable debugging via helm upgrade --debug ... to see in more detail what’s happening.

  • Timeout? See troubleshoot upgrade timeout.


This also resets the node taints via the prepull-update HELM post-upgrade hook, such that the Prepull daemonset becomes active again.

Check for changes

If you’re uncertain what an update will do to your current setup, keep this in mind:

  1. HELM allows you to rollback any time. See HELM rollback.

  2. Install HELM Diff and run:

    helm diff upgrade cocalc ~/path/to/cocalc-onprem-helm/cocalc -f my-values.yaml

    to see a detailed diff across all changes.