CoCalc OnPrem 3.2.1


These pages were created for version 3.2.1-039210a as of Jul 03, 2024.

Welcome to CoCalc OnPrem!

CoCalc OnPrem (formerly known as “CoCalc Cloud”) is an on-premises self-hosted variant of CoCalc, which you can install on your own cluster. It offers the same powerful features as the online version and inherits the same reliable, salable performance our online platform is known for.

This version is designed specifically for companies and universities with their own computing infrastructure, providing scalability and full support for thousands of users. CoCalc OnPrem covers additional privacy requirements and provides complete infrastructure control, with the ability to customize the platform to meet your specific needs.

We are proud to have developed CoCalc OnPrem using the knowledge we’ve gained from running on Kubernetes since 2014.


If you are reading this online, you only see the generated documentation. The code and configuration files are proprietary and not available to the public.

If you are interested in CoCalc OnPrem, please contact Sagemath, Inc..


  • Jupyter Notebooks: provide access to recent versions of Sage, Python 3, R, and Octave.

  • Like with the online version of CoCalc, users can edit both code and text files, compile LaTeX documents, use a Linux terminal, compile code, and utilize a virtual X11 desktop, etc.

  • Installed software: there are various ways you can extend, adapt or even replace the standard software environments to meet specific requirements.

  • Support for single sign-on authentication, in particular SAML.

  • Networking is defined by standard Ingress rules. It is also possible to run within a VPN.

  • You can deploy this solution on your own bare-metal cluster; managed clusters like Amazon’s AWS EKS or Google’s GCE GKE and other options should work as well.

Table of Contents

  • Overview – a high-level overview of CoCalc OnPrem, outlining its features and problems it solves.

  • Architecture – a high-level overview of the architecture of CoCalc OnPrem.

  • Setup – this is what you need to have in place in order to deploy CoCalc OnPrem.

  • Configuration – adjust default values of the HELM chart.

  • Deployment – this is the main step, deploying CoCalc OnPrem via HELM.

    Notes about deploy on public cloud providers:

  • Operations – notes about running CoCalc, and how to enable the “Prepull” service.

  • Release Notes – notes about updates, breaking changes, etc.